4 Things Homeowners forget when moving house

Make sure that when you move you don’t forget…

  1. Labelling boxes

Although this seems pretty basic, many people find themselves frantically packing boxes, cramming random items into an unmarked box. While this might prove a quick option, it will be a disaster when you eventually want to unpack in your new house.

Tip #1: Sort your items into sections and clearly label the appropriate boxes. Make sure you don’t cram your items into boxes to ensure you don’t break anything. Always use paper and bubble wrap to ensure less breakages during the move.

  1. Making an essentials box

This is something easily overlooked by stressed packers. By making an essentials box and labelling it clearly, you’ll know what to unpack straight away! You essentials box may include things like toilet roll, kettle with tea and coffee (you’re sure to want a well-deserved cuppa when you get in!), cleaning essentials, toiletries, phone chargers,  food, paper plates and cutlery – for when you eventually get time to eat!

Tip #2: Make sure if you are moving with children you pack toys for them to play with while you start unpacking – keeping them occupied during a stressful time.

  1. Informing people about your move

When left too late, informing people about your move can cause a great amount of stress. To avoid this, start writing to everyone a few months prior to your move.

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Tip #3: Make a list and split your calls into sections for example ‘finance’ or ‘health’ so you don’t leave anyone out. Utilise the Royal Mail relocation service too.

  1. To contact a moving company if they can’t handle it themselves

Many people on the run up to their move find themselves overwhelmed with stress but forget to contact a removals company to help make their move simple. If you are worried about any aspect of the move – from packing boxes to actually moving, you’ll be able to find companies who will do both for you!

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