Helping Young Children Move House

So, you’re deciding to move house. You’ve settled on an area, found your ideal house chosen your moving company and things look like they are starting to move (excuse the pun) in the right direction.

But…have you thought about the way your young children will react to the move?

Are they excited about moving to a new location? Or are they worried and upset about it? Maybe they will leave behind good friends and worry about making new ones? Maybe they like their room at the minute and don’t want any change?

By taking these simple steps, you can make the moving process that little bit easier for conscious kiddies!

  • Tell them sooner rather than later…

By telling your children about the move earlier, you’ll be able to give them more time to be able to get used to what’s happening.

  • Explain why their new house will be so much better than their old one…

Will they get a bigger bedroom? Are they nearer to the local park? By explaining why this house is better, they may start to look forward to the move.

  • Let them help with the move

There are lots of different ways children can help during the moving process. This may mean allowing them to draw on different boxes to indicate different rooms, helping to pack up their room or letting them pick their new wallpaper. By involving the children, they’ll feel like they have a little bit of a say in what’s going on.

  • Talk to them about their worries about the new house

If your child is telling you they’re worried about moving, sit down and listen to what they’re saying…you may be able to put their mind at ease.

Reading books prior to your move can also help with the process. The following books, all of which are aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, help talk about and answer some of the worries your children may be feeling!

  • We’re moving – by Heather Maisner

This book follows the story of Amy, who doesn’t want to leave her best friend. After planting flowers in the garden with her dad, decorating her new room and making friends at her new school, she starts to feel better about the process

  • A Tiger named Thomas – Charlotte Zolotow

This book is ideal for children who are shy and worry about making new friends in their new area. This book follows the story of Thomas; a shy boy who worries no one in his street will like him. After ‘trick or treating’ and meeting new people in his street he finds a lot of new friends

  • Moving Day – Jess Stockham

This book helps show children what needs to be done during the moving process. From deciding what needs to be packed to what needs to be given away, this book with help children start thinking about their personal move.

  • Boomers Big Day – Constance McGeorg

This book follows a dog called ‘Boomer’ during the moving day. Highlighting a range of emotions including confusion and anxiety during the move, the story goes on to show a final emotion of delight when all moved in.

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Useful links: – all of the above books are available to buy from here – has lots of useful guides for moving and a children’s moving house scrapbook, job badges and much more