Moving home? Leave the nightmares behind.

Relocating doesn’t need to be painfully stressful, or the cause of numerous headaches. It’s all in the preparation. Here’s a list of our top five considerations, so with the ultimate planning, you’re move will be smooth and perhaps even enjoyable and exciting?

1. Book in advance

As soon as you are able to, start the search for your removals company. Talk to a few different companies and ensure you choose the one that you believe will be both professional and reliable. It is very important to book in advance, so that you get the removals company you want, and you can work together to plan the big day. Paying a deposit to secure them is advisable.

2. Ensure flexibility

Discuss what would happen in the event that dates change, and ensure they are able to cater for this. This is a very probable outcome, so make sure that they are not going to let you down if this is to be the eventuality.

3. Damage limitation

All professional removals companies will have the necessary insurance, so that if any of your goods are damaged within the move, they are covered. What’s more, a great removals company will go above and beyond for your precious items. For example, antique furniture and art may require bespoke packaging to ensure its safe arrival. This is something to check if this explains some of your contents.

4. Packing

The packaging and boxes provided for your move must suit your requirements. Your removals company should discuss this with you in advance and with their expertise, provide the right packaging, and ensure these are delivered to you in a timely fashion. This may include the provision of storage for your hanging clothes, in the form of cardboard wardrobes. These can be so important to ensure you can continue to function at home, either side of your moving date.

5. Access

Ensure your removals company are aware of, and informed of, access. This includes any access restrictions. This is paramount to organising the move. This can add time into the planning, so careful consideration is a must.