Why do we up sticks and move house?

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we can experience in our lives, and in actual fact, is marked as the third, just after death and divorce. So it may surprise you that in fact the average Brit will move around eight times in their life. Below, we explore the main reasons we decide to up sticks and move on!

  • Upgrading

It is thought that the most popular reason for moving in the UK is to upgrade to a nicer or more spacious home. Many homeowners find themselves with houses that have faults – from poorly sized rooms to problems with the kitchen and bathroom; many find themselves opting for the easy route of finding a more workable house, as opposed to spending what can prove to be a large amount of money on a house that is ‘failing’.

Boredom or irritation can play a huge factor in deciding to move house too. According to a survey by property site ‘Zoopla’, 3,080 British homeowners got bored of where they lived just after 7 years. Upgrading houses proves to be exciting for those who enjoy a new scene, and also for those who enjoy re-decorating and finding a new project.

Another reason we find ourselves moving so much is to incorporate the needs of a growing family. Whilst some believe extensions are the answer, others like to move into ‘ready to live in’ houses that don’t need any attention or work.

The envy and fear of not having a lovely house also persuades us to move house. The desire to ‘out-do’ friends and family is certainly an increasing trend.

  • Retirement

Retirement is usually a time where homeowners find they don’t need as much space as they once did, and as they are not constrained to be in a local proximity for a school or a job, they find themselves free to move wherever they so wish. While many Brits move further afield around the UK or even further, others decide it is a perfect time to move closer to family and grandchildren.

  • Closer to a job/school

Another common reason Brits move house is to be closer to a job or a school. Commuting, thought to be another of the most stressful experiences of our lives can obviously be made less stressful if the commute is shorter.

  • Problems in the neighbourhood

Fall outs with neighbours and not liking the local area is another reason we up sticks and decide to move to a new home. According to a Halifax Home Insurance Survey of 2000, nearly one in ten people declared that they had moved house because of poor relations with their neighbours. So why can neighbours be so troublesome?  Along with aggressive behaviour and noise pollution, another reason we get fed up with our neighbours is because they let their house fall in to disrepair, which may also have a detrimental effect on the curb appeal on our properties.

  •  Lifestyle/Environment

Another common reason to move house is for a complete change of lifestyle and environment. Homeowners may get bored of their local surroundings and wish for a property or area that best suits their personality. This may mean closer to a beach, a golf course, or the forest!

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