The stress of moving home: how to stay sane and in control

Moving home sits within the top five most stressful life events; on par with divorce and bereavement. It sparks some of the most unsettling emotions: anxiety, sadness, tension. It’s simply quite overwhelming and it’s hard to keep perspective on the task at hand.

With the appropriate planning, it’s very possible to stay in full control and move into your new abode with excitement; minus the negative emotions.

When pressures are high, why heighten them even further? Hiring a professional removals company is a wise step to take. They will have the experience to move you with ease, precision and minimal disruption. Here’s how.

A good removals company will provide clear guidance on packing up your home, with the option of them carrying out this laborious task for you. There is an art to effective packing, to ensure your belongings are safely delivered to their destination without breakage and personal injury.

You may have expensive or fragile items that need extra care and attention. Ensure you are provided with appropriate packaging for these, and that you’re sure your chosen removals company are properly insured

Being fully informed of dates and timescales is a must for peace of mind, both before the event, and on the big day. You should have an appointed removals person to guide you through this, project managing your move from the very start, through to the very end. Professionalism and experience is a minimum requirement.

When it comes to moving home, dates can change (and probably will). There are usually unforeseen circumstances that creep up on us. You need to know that your appointed representatives will offer you the flexibility to accommodate this, and provide you with support if this should happen.

Providing the right quantity of staff for the job is of utmost importance. This will, of course, depend on the size of your home. However, your removals company should ensure there is no rushing. Your move should be carefully planned and thought through, so that you can relax and let the experts lead the process.

So if you are moving home, do safeguard yourself. You will feel better knowing that these key areas of moving home are the very minimum service provision for you.