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At what point do I need to select a removals company?

We recommend that you do this as soon as possible, to ensure you get the removals company you really want. They can then start to consider your move and get it scheduled into their plans. The sooner you do this, the better as you can work together to ensure it’s a smooth ride.

What are the key things to consider in my selection of a removals company?

Our top tips are:

Talk to a few different companies to gauge which is right for you, and the service they can provide to you.

  • Be cautious not to get hung up on price. A low-cost solution may not be the solution for you, and may have hidden extras that you haven’t planned for.
  • Ensure they are able to provide you with all necessary packaging, including specialist packaging for valuable items. You need to ensure they care for your possessions and limit any damage. Insurance is a must here too.
  • Make sure they will provide you with the right staff for the job. An end-to-end removal is a specialist area, and staff should be highly trained.

There’s lots more handy hints and tips available on our blog page. Click here.

When does packing need to start?

This is really dependent on the service you have selected from your removals company. If they are doing this for you, then sit back and relax. They will have this in hand and will tell you when this will be.

However, if you are packing yourself, then you can start to pack as soon as you wish. You will of course need the necessary packaging and boxes to ensure your items are safe and secure, and these need to be provided to you by your removals company in a timely fashion. Alexanders are pleased to provide boxes to our customers free of charge.

What locations in the UK do you cover?

We are able to offer removals Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, St Ives and Peterborough, as well as any other part of the UK. Please call us to discuss your need, and we can work through this with you.

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