How easy is it to access my belongings once they are stored?

Very easy. You can access your belongings 24-hours a day, as long as you call us to arrange this first. Security of your belongings is essential, and that’s why we don’t allow open access. This is very much controlled, in order to offer our customers peace of mind.

I only need to store my belongings for a short time period. Is this OK?

Absolutely. We often find this is the case when our customers are moving home, and the dates do not tie up. They may need to stay with family members, and there is obviously no space for their belongings! We are very happy to provide storage provision in cases such as these, to relieve any unnecessary pressure.

How will I know how much storage space I need?

If you are not familiar with storage sizing, then this can be difficult to gauge. Alexander’s are here to guide you with this, so you choose the right size storage for your needs. We are happy to visit your property to understand your exact requirements, and provide a quote based on this. You can then be sure you‘re not paying for additional space that you don’t need; it will be just right for you.

How can I ensure that my possessions are well-maintained?

Our expert staff are on hand to offer you advice and guidance on how to stack your things in a manner that minimises the damage potential. In addition, we are able to provide you with appropriate boxes to ensure your belongings are well stored, in the right type of packaging.

How far in advance do I need to reserve storage space?

There is no minimum timeframe. Simply contact us to find out availability, and discuss your requirements. From here, moving your possessions into storage can be very fast.

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